Birmingham AL chimney cap repairDid you know that chimney caps keep water from coming into your home? If you have a roof leak that you just can’t seem to find, it may be coming from this area.

Chimneys are a common leaking point for most roofs.
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If your home has a chimney of any kind and a roof leak that you just can seem to track down, One Call Roofers in Birmingham can find it fast and repair it right away.

Roof Leaks Caused By Chimney Caps & Flashing

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Many of the chimneys in the area are single wall metal pipe with a box built around it to match the exterior of the home. When the metal flashing corrodes around the chimney cap, water can penetrate the roof. On the inside, water runs down the pipe and into the attic. From there, it will often travel to the lowest point and appear as a water stain on the ceiling.

The only way to know if your chimney caps are leaking for sure is to have a roof inspection done. During the investigation, the chimney caps, flashing and exterior materials will be thoroughly checked. On the inside, we will pay careful attention to the area in the attic where the chimney pipe meets the roof. Usually, we discover water stains on the trusses and damp or wet insulation in the area.

Chimney Cap Repair and Replacement

Chimney roof leaks
More often than not, an existing chimney cap can be repaired. Mild surface rust and slight water damage to the wood frame or casing are pretty common repairs that we see. If this is the case, we can usually disassemble the chimney cap and the structure around it. At this point, we may clean and recoat the metal surfaces, replace any water damaged areas and then reassemble the entire system.

If the damage to the chimney is substantial, we may suggest a complete replacement. Although rare, the only purpose this option serves is to ensure the structural integrity of the chimney itself. When this becomes the only option, we will reconstruct the entire chimney cap and casing to match the exterior of your home exactly. This includes the size, shape, color and siding materials that were there originally.

We repair chimney cap roof leaks in Birmingham, Hoover, Pelham, Vestavia and Mountain Brook.

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